The staff

A-The staff : 

The director of the clinic is Doctor  Dhahri Mohamed(GSM: 0021698322264)

- Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Lyon (among his previous professors were J.Traeger et J.F. Moskovtchenko in the Hospital Edouard Herriot of Lyon).

 - A former founder and head of the department of reanimation and haemodialysis in the principal training military hospital in Tunis. 

- Former director of Tunisian military health - He is assisted by Dr Taoufik Bennaceur (GSM: 00216 98 354 228) and Dr Driss Ben Souda (GSM: 00216 98 324 889).

 B- The paramedical staff comprises :
-4 nursed specializing in haemodialysis with a great experience in this field
- 3 nurse's aids 

C- Le personnel ouvrier comporte :
- Chambermaids 
- A cook
- Two drivers 
- A watchman



-René D.

-Marie Claude R.

-Fabrice D.