1- Water treatment :  based on the double reverse osmosis after softening and passing the water through many filters. The obtained treated water has a perfect conductivity of 5 micro-simens on average.

2- The hemodialysis machines : they are generators with the brand « Frésénius» 4008 B/diasefe type. They are still under guarantee.

3- An oxygen central installed by Air Liquide with an individual source at the head of each patient comprising an oxygen debimeter and a humidifier.

4- Four cardioscopes  « Criticare » type « schollar III » multi-parameters.

5- Eight non-invasive measurement devises for blood pressure.

6-Two electrocardiographs with 3 to 6 tracks « Space Labs » and "Cardioline"

7- A heart defibrillator « cardioline »

8- Many electrical stings.

9- An autoclave and a sterilizer for the sterilization of the equipment.

10-Modular beds  with shelf for the meals and snacks served by the clinic.

11- In front of every bed there is a TV set.

12-Two emergency wagons  used especially for the cardio-respiratory reanimation.

13- A soundproof generator with automatic start

14- A rolling stock with :

  • A new medical ambulance spacious and air-conditioned «Mitsubishi».
  • A new and air-conditioned car for the transport of eight patients, « Peugeot Expert »



15-  The used dialysis filters are made of  :

  •  polysulphone HPS or ETO « Frésénius »


  •  or tri acétate de cellulose « Nipro »




-René D.

-Marie Claude R.

-Fabrice D.